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National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology ( NIELIT ) -  B Level
Program Name Duration Max. Duration Eligibility Course Fee
 B Level 3 Years 6 Years B.A or A Level Pass 1,25,000/-
 Note :- All Study Materials are provided by IITTSD & Free Library Service .
 Course Modules 
B Level Course (  25  Paper's + 4 Practical + 3 Projects ) Program Structure
 Bridge Course Objective of the ‘B’ Level Course The objective of ‘B’ Level is to develop capability to analyse, develop and manage software project. The course has been designed to give the students sound background in computing, business functions and mathematics relevant to information technology. During the course, a student will learn Computer Programming Languages, Compilers, Software packages, database systems, Network Management & Information Security etc. The career options available to DOEACC ‘B’ level qualifiers are:
 • System Analyst
 • Software Engineer
 • Training faculty
 • R & D Scientist
 • EDP Manager
DOEACC ‘B’ Level Course consists of 25 theory modules (22 compulsory modules and 3 elective module), four Practicals and three Projects(out of which one will be a comprehensive project). The minimum duration of the course is three years.
 B0-R4 Basic Mathematics ( Required for students who have not studied Mathematics up to class 12 )
Semester I
B1.1-R4 IT Tools and Business Systems
B1.2-R4 Internet Technology and Web Design
B1.3-R4 Programming and Problem Solving through C
B1.4-R4 Computer System Architecture
B1.5-R4 Structured System Analysis & Design
Semester II
B2.1-R4 Data Structure through C++
B2.2-R4 Introduction to DBMS
B2.3-R4 Basics of OS, Unix & Shell Programming
B2.4-R4 Data Communication and Network Technologies
B2.5-R4 Elective (Any one from the following to be chosen)
B2.5.1-R4 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming through
B2.5.2-R4 Software Testing and Quality Management
PJ-1-R4          Project 1
Semester III
B3.1-R4 Management Fundamentals & Information System
B3.2-R4 Discrete Structure
B3.3-R4 Software Engineering & CASE Tools
B3.4-R4 Operating Systems
B3.5-R4 Visual Programming
Semester IV
B4.1-R4 Computer-based Statistical & Numerical Methods
B4.2-R4 Professional & Business Communication
B4.3-R4 Object Oriented DBMS
B4.4-R4 Computer Graphics & Multimedia
B4.5-R4 Internet Technology and Web Services
Semester V
B5.1-R4 Software Project Management
B5.2-R4 Automata Theory & Compiler Design
B5.3-R4 Network Management & Information Security
Elective (Any two from the following to be chosen)
BE1-R4 Embedded Systems
BE2-R4 Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks
BE3-R4 E-Business
BE4-R4 System Modeling and Computer Simulation
BE5-R4 Parallel Computing
BE6-R4 Data Warehouse and Data Mining
BE7-R4** Software Testing and Quality Management
BE8-R4 Digital Image Processing
BE9-R4 Accounting & Financial Management System
BE10-R4 Applied Operations Research
BE11-R4 Wireless & Mobile Communication
BE12-R4 Information Storage & Management
PJ-2-R4  Mini project / Seminar
** (Compulsory for students who have not done in Semester II of B Level / A Level)
PRACTICAL   At ‘B’ Level, there are four Practical Examinations.
  1. Detail Syllabus of B Level  il                              2. Regn Guidline                                        3. B Level FAQ
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