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“Knowledge increases by sharing, but not Saving” Your books can help someone in the same way it did for you. With the power of knowledge lets poor student read your Books and change their Life. Let’s Educate Together & Rise Together!Learn More

Book Collection

We collect used/new books from individuals, schools, corporates, etc who support Poor Children for getting quality Education.The book that you donated could be read over a period of time by a few hundred people who have the desire to read but lack resources to buy books. The fact that knowledge is being spread should give enormous satisfaction to book donors. Learn More

ALL kinds of books are accepted

Most used book donations are gladly accepted. Donate used baby books and children’s books. Donate used textbooks, like law books or medical books, so that students in a tight financial situation can keep up with their studies. Donate mystery novels. Donate science fiction books. Donate fine literature. Donate foreign-language books and guides. Donate technical books. Donate how-to and do-it-yourself manuals. Donate travel guides, travel books and travel essays. Donate dictionaries and encyclopedias. Donate science books. Donate high school and college books. DonationTown.org will connect you to a local charity and help you schedule a free pickup of your donated goods. Learn More